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For Sober Caddy, intervention goes far beyond trying to get someone to a treatment center. Where many interventionists are worried about avoiding the next relapse, we are more concerned about long-term recovery. This fundamental shift in thinking helps us successfully intervene and helps place your loved ones on a path to recovery for the long term.

Our program is divided in three phases:

  • Understanding Your loved One
  • Intervention
  • After Treatment Plan

    3 Phases of Intervention

    1) Understanding Your Loved One A professional interventionist uses several techniques and models to help a loved one get to treatment. The most well-known model is called the Johnson Intervention Model where you confront the family member. However, there are several models and once we learn about your loved one, we will help you determine which intervention technique will work best.

    2) Intervention Once the best technique has been agreed upon, Sober Caddy will assist you with the intervention. We will do most of the communicating to your loved one, and we will lead the intervention on behalf of your family. With options for treatment facilities already in place, we will help your loved one make the transition to recovery.

    3) After Treatment Plan Once your loved one has a discharge plan from a treatment center — which usually consists of therapy, medication and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings — Sober Caddy begins to implement a tailored approach for your loved one.

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